Boat and Engine Maintenance

Keep the water on the other side of the wall! From spark plugs to bottom paint, this course covers all the basics for “do it yourself” boaters. This course will equip you with the knowledge required to prevent onboard problems, carry out specialized tasks and tackle both short-term troubleshooting as well as long-term boat care.  […]

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Global Weather

Global Weather expands on concepts introduced in the Fundamentals of Weather. In this course you will study topics like El Niño, summer monsoons, or lake effect snows. Work with measurements such as air pressure, temperature, dew point and wind direction/speed to sharpen your forecasting skills. Appreciate the inner workings of tropical cyclones (hurricanes) and chinooks.

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Fundamentals of Weather

Winds, waves, fog, lightning, hail, tornadoes …. hurricanes! The wise boater respects and anticipates Mother Nature’s many moods. Beyond “red sky in the morning”, the new CPS Weather Course provides boaters with the tools to find and accurately interpret weather reports and forecasts, and to develop keen judgments in “reading” the sky and sea for optimum boating safety.

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Extended Cruising

Are you ready to ‘cut the ties that bind’? Extended Cruising is an essential first step in understanding the elements of the long-distance passage making lifestyle under sail or power. Through this course you will become confident in the boat you select by understanding seaworthiness, stability, and other design concepts. You will gain an awareness

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sailing learning to sail


Do you want to learn more about sailing?  Do you want to improve your sailing skills and your understanding of how sails work? This Sailing Course covers the practical and theoretical basics of sailing and sailing seamanship. The range of topics is broad: from a description of different sailboat rigs, sail plans, hull types, and

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boat and engine maintenance

Marine Electrical Maintenance

Learn how to maintain electrical systems in your boat properly and safely. Gain a solid foundation in wiring, direct current systems, and alternating current systems found on recreational vessels. It also covers galvanic and stray current corrosion, lightning protection, interference suppression and electrical troubleshooting. Learn how to maintain electrical systems in your boat properly and

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